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The very powerful new and improved Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – năm trước Edition, have sầu just become available for order, with the shipping và release date phối to October 10, 2013.It’s available fromưu ý starting today.

(UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 10.1 2014 Edition has since been upgraded khổng lồ run Android 5.1 Lollipop, as of November năm ngoái.)

When the first Samsung Galaxy chú ý 10.1 was released in August last year, what most tech writers complained about was the $499 price tag on a 1280×800 resolution tablet.


Samsung Galaxy chú ý 10.1 năm trước Edition

With the whopping 2560×1600 resolution this 10.1-inch tablet has now, at least the resolution will withstand criticism, even though the entry price have gone up to lớn $549 for the 16GB Mã Sản Phẩm this time. But despite the price, the 1st generation tablet soon had a large and loyal fanbase that would forgive sầu it it’s average screen resolution. After all, the display quality itself was superb.

What makes the 1st Galaxy chú ý 10.1 and now the new Galaxy chú ý 10.1 II (năm trước Edition) so special, is that these are Android tablets geared towards productivity. Not that you can’t have fun with them, just that they can vì chưng so much more than other Android tablets.

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Samsung’s attempt at introducing multitasking on Android tablets started with last year’s chú ý 10.1. This multitasking feature have sầu been improved with the new Galaxy cảnh báo 10.1. As has the integration and use of the integrated S-Pen stylus.

Toshiba tried lớn emulate & beat Samsung in their game of Android productivity tablets with 2560×1600 resolution just a few months ago when they released the Toshibố Excite Write & Pro, but failed because of overheating issues, battery drain, và issues with the display. So for the time being at least, Samsung will be ahead of the paông xã in the Android creativity and productivity segment with the Galaxy Note 10.1.

One thing to be aware of is the 2 different CPU’s available, depending on your Model choice.There will be 3 different Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 10.1 năm trước Editions available. A WiFi only model, a WiFi and 3G Mã Sản Phẩm, & lastly a WiFi & LTE mã sản phẩm. The 3G / WiFi will have the formidable Exynos 54trăng tròn 1.9GHz Octa-core processor. While the LTE model will use a 2.3GHz Quad-core Snaprồng 800 CPU.

Other upgrades since the first model is a slight cut in exterior dimensions, và even a shredding of 70 gram in weight, now down to 535 gram. Which is impressive sầu, since the battery have sầu been beefed from 7000mAh khổng lồ 8220 mAh, which should give it an approximate battery life of over 9 hours. There are even 3GB of DDR3 RAM now, và upgraded cameras to a 2MP front camera và a 8MP.. rear camera.

I’m sure you have seen all the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) specifications và features elsewhere already, so the question is if you want to pay the extra for a full-package Android tablet that has it all, or if you will settle for a entertainment tablet. College students loved the first generation chú ý 10.1, as I’m sure they will continue to lớn bởi vì with this one too, with the lademo Android 4.3 version and a very long menu of features and apps. If they are lucky enough to afford it.

The price begins at $549.99 for the white 16GB Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 10.1 – 2014 Edition (

, while the 32GB version in either blaông chồng or Trắng retails for $599.99.