Facebook Removes Paracel, Spratly Islands From Vietnam'S Map

The “blue checkmark” Facebook page U.S Embassy in Hanoi, an official trương mục of the US Embassy to lớn Vietnam has posted an article looking at the United States – Vietnam partnership during the last 25 years, in which the bản đồ of Vietnam has fully depicted with Paracel (Hoang Sa) & Spratly (Truong Sa) Islands in the South china Sea or Bien Dong Sea.
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The US Embassy in Hanoi updated the article noting the US- Vietnam relationship over the past 25 years on September 9.

Bạn đang xem: Facebook removes paracel, spratly islands from vietnam's map

Accordingly, the article was posted right after the opening of The 53rd ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (53rd AMM), at which Vietnam presided. The significant event took place from September 9-12.

In the article, the US Embassy hailed the breadth and depth of cooperation between Vietnam and the US in all fields from business, education, health, energy to lớn security. “As trusted partners, we prosper together!”, stressed the US Embassy. It also used the bản đồ of Vietnam with Paracel (Hoang Sa) & Spratly (Truong Sa) Islands.

Recently, trung quốc has launched many activities that violate Vietnam’s sovereignty over the two islands, Paracel (Hoang Sa) & Spratly (Truong Sa). đài loan trung quốc has publicized the revision of Technical Rules for the Statutory Testing of Seagoing Vessels on Domestic Voyages, which had been published in 1974.

China has established the so-called "Hainan-Xisha Navigation Area" in a recently changed document as posted on South china Morning Post on July 31. The area is bound by two points on China’s Hainan Island và three in Vietnam’s Hoang Sa Islands, which trung quốc calls the Xisha Islands, the paper added.

China also changed its wording, calling the so-called navigation area "coastal" instead of "offshore." It said the new changes would take effect starting August 1.

The map of Vietnam features Spratly and Paracel islands.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said: "We consider trung quốc bringing Vietnam’s Paracel Islands into the 2020 Technical Rules for the Statutory Testing of Seagoing Vessels on Domestic Voyages as a violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) Islands và not beneficial for the maintenance of peace, stability and cooperation in the East Sea".

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China had seized the Paracel Islands from South Vietnam by force in 1974 and has been illegally occupying it since. The country has also been ramping up its aggressive behavior in the South đài loan trung quốc Sea since the start of this year while other countries have had to lớn focus on combating the Covid-19 outbreak, including announcing the establishment of the so-called "governed" administrative districts over Vietnam’s Truong Sa (Spratly) & Paracel Islands, sinking Vietnamese fishing vessels and unilaterally ordering a ban on fishing in Vietnamese sea territory.

In a related move, speaking at the 10th East Asia Summit Foreign Ministers" Meeting within the framework of AMM 53 và related conferences on September 10, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo committed support ASEAN in protecting the law, respect sovereignty và transparency in the South đài loan trung quốc Sea và the Mekong region, as well as criticized China"s threats in the region.

Pompeo also emphasized that the US will raise the voice against China’s provocative và threatening activities that have escalated recently relating to lớn the sovereignty of countries in the area. “The US is committed to lớn working with partners in the Indo-Pacific to lớn uphold the rules-based order that has underpinned security và prosperity for more than 70 years”, said US Secretary of State.

On July 11, the United States và Vietnam commemorated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, which occurred under former U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1995 after grappling with the legacies of the Vietnam War. The commemoration is an occasion not just to reflect on the remarkable trajectory of ties to date, but also to appreciate the work that continues to lớn be done khổng lồ develop relations và to assess the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for both partners.

The United States also reaffirmed it will stand alongside Vietnam in support of the peaceful resolution of disputes, the rule of law, freedom of navigation & overflight, và unimpeded commerce.

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